Hiking in Lefkada island, Greece - Thea Thalatta Luxury Villas


Lefkada is the ideal island for hiking, since it contains both picturesque villages and mountains. Visitors can stroll around the small villages and admire the natural environment, the wild birds that reside in the forests, such as hawks, the waterfalls, the rivers and of course, the stunning mountains, like Stavrota. Also, note that the mountains of Lefkada can be easily hiked due to their small height.

Hiking through Melissas Gorge

During the route of the Melissas Gorge, you can enjoy the green landscape of the trees, the waters of the river and the watermills. The Gorge is located 10km from the Center of Lefkada in Kavalos Village. In addition, Melissas Gorge is an excellent choice not only for experienced visitors, but for beginners too since there is also an easy route available.

Hike in Dimosari Canyon

Dimosari Canyon is famous for its magnificent waterfalls formed by the waters of the Mount Vafkeri, which resemble a natural swimming pool, where people can swim. Dimosari is only 2km away from Nydri, so it is easier to visit than Melissas Gorge. Except from the waterfalls, in Dimosari visitors encounter several small caves too.

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