Museums in Lefkada island, Greece - Thea Thalatta Luxury Villas


Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Lefkada is located in Sikelianou & N. Svoronou street, in the cultural center of the Borough. The museum’s exhibits are mainly tools, gems, ceramics and jewels originating from the Paleolithic times up to the later Roman times. Some findings came from excavations of ancient tombs in various cities of Lefkada, such as Nirikos and Nydri.

Museum of Ecclesiastic Art

The Museum of Ecclesiastic Art has a beautiful collection of various objects starting from the period of the Turkish Occupation of Greece until 1864, the year when Lefkada officially became a part of the Greek Nation. The exhibits were acquired from local temples, while works of Eptanese painters are also presented to the public. In addition, manuscripts from the Monastery are included in the collection of the Ecclesiastic Art and also, some silver crosses, holly trays and other similar objects.

Folkloric Museum of Lefkadite Canvas Works “Maria Koutsohero”

This private, traditional museum is located in Karya Village and it contains embroidery exhibits and other folklore, ordinary items. You can pay a visit and discover more about the Lefkada’s folklore. By observing the exhibits, visitors can understand how locals were living in Lefkada at past.

Phonograph, Radio and Tradition Museum of Lefkada

If you are interested in music, you can visit the Phonograph, Radio and Tradition Museum of Lefkada. It is a small museum close to the old Lefkada City, while among its exhibits you will find records, phonographs, instruments, etc.

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