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Lefkada is the perfect island for various outdoor activities and seightseing, such as cruises to the Ionian islands, hiking in nature, visiting interesting local museums or monasteries, and the yearly Folk Literature and Art Festival. Also, Lefkada is famous for its strong winds, so visitors can practise the surfing (windsurfing and kitesurfing) during their holidays.

Daily Cruises

You can discover the beauty of the Ionian Sea by booking a cruise with your family or friends. There are various daily cruises available towards some Ionian islands, such as Skorpios or Meganisi, and you can choose the one which is most suitable for your tastes.


Lefkada is the ideal island for hiking, since it contains both picturesque villages and mountains. Visitors can stroll around the small villages and admire the natural environment, the wild birds that reside in the forests, such as hawks, the waterfalls, the rivers and of course, the stunning mountains, like Stavrota.

International Folklore Festival

Islands always have a specific folklore character which demonstrates their tradition, customs and history. Lefkada’s folklore is well promoted via the local event “Lefkas International Folklore Festival”. This festival is very popular in the Greek Island, it takes places every summer and it was first established in 1962.


Several beautiful Monasteries are located on Lefkada Island. Discover some impressive Monasteries and Churches that you can visit during your holidays in the Greek Island.


Read about some interesting museums (archaeological, folklore, etc) that you can find on the Island of Lefkada.

Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

Surfing is an extremely popular activity in Lefkada and many people come from different corners of Europe and Greece in order to surf in the island’s big waves.

Sailing Yacht Rentals

Nima Sailing offers unforgettable sailing experiences in the most beautiful parts of the Ionian Sea.